Dus Plus & Mod Rehab

DUS Plus™ Loans

Financing that can often be used to complement a conventional Fannie Mae DUS Loan.

Description: Mezzanine Financing combined with a Conventional Fixed-Rate Fannie Mae DUS Loan
Senior Mezzanine size: Minimum $1 million
Secured by: 100% Pledge of Ownership Interests in the Special Purpose Entity which owns the Mortgage Borrower.
Advantages: Offers additional leverage while maintaining the flexibility and competitive pricing typically associated with Fannie Mae DUS loan

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DUS Plus™ Product Outline / Term Sheet

CI Mezz-Mod™ Rehab

FannieMae has launched the Community Investments Mezzanine-Moderate Rehabilitation program (CI Mezz-Mod Rehab), which aims to improve the nation’s affordable housing stock, targeting value-added multifamily deals. These loans are typically used for properties undergoing renovations of $5,000 or more per unit.

Leverage: Combined debt service coverage ratios can be below 1.0x if an interest reserve is in place
Secured by: Ownership or preferred equity interest in the borrowing entity
Advantages: Borrowers can use a Fannie Mae supplemental loan to pay off the mezzanine debt

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CI Mod Rehab™ Product Outline / Term Sheet


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